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Our unique balance of minerals comes directly from an ancient mineral sea bed--harvested in America and delivered to you exactly as nature intended.

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Crafted by farmers

We understand what it takes to raise healthy plants and animals, and craft our products to help you be successful in doing what you love.

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No need to overcomplicate or overpay for minerals on your farm. We work with nature to deliver essential nutrients in their optimal balance and proportion.

Why do minerals matter?

Minerals interact and join forces on metabolic pathways in humans, animals, and soils to drive life. This balance improves the nutritional absorption of protiens, starches, and even water. Our full-spectrum, naturally-occuring sea minerals are the best foundation for your farm.

Why do you need Redmond?

Our products supply 90% of the minerals your livestock need and the essential trace minerals to bring life back to your soils. No need to overthink. Redmond’s minerals are balanced and proportioned by nature. Nature has it right!