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Nature has an amazingly restorative capacity.  When we feed our soil with the things it needs, the biology in the soil wakes up and becomes a living, breathing thing with the capacity to grow nutrient-rich crops that feed generations.

We aim to deliver simple, natural, and effective soil solutions that help you improve your life from the ground up. Redmond’s soil amendments, harvested from a rich, ancient mineral deposit in central Utah, replenish the soil and sustain microbial, plant, and animal life all the way to your kitchen table.


full spectrum of sea minerals


increase plant nutrient density


improve soil quality

Step 1:

Have you wondered if your efforts to amend your soil are working? Do you know how to test your soil? This simple test with custom feedback helps you know exactly what your soils need to thrive. No PhD required.

Mineralyte Soil Foundation is a mineral-based amendment that naturally improves the fertility of your soil to grow healthier, more productive, and more nutrient dense plants. Sea minerals, CEC Silicates, and Humates help bring life back to your soil.

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“Redmond products have really been a blessing. I use Redmond #10 Fine because we used to have lots of trouble with the toxicity and fevers that come during Fescue season. When we add 10 Fine into our ration, these problems never come.”