Portioning out your goat herd’s minerals on your own can be confusing. It is difficult to know whether your herd is getting the minerals they need in the right balance. We are here to make it simple.

Redmond’s full spectrum of sea minerals will give you peace of mind that you are providing a delicious, filler-free nutrient profile for your animals.


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The Copper Goats Need

Goats are browsers and have a reputation for nibbling on anything from your hat to the kitchen sink; however, in reality, they are much more discriminating about what they consume.

Copper, which impacts red blood cells, connective tissue, enzyme formation, hair pigmentation, immune and nerve functions, is a common deficiency affecting many herds.
Redmond Goat Mineral has the copper goats need.

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Redmond 10 Fine with Garlic helps control biting insects

Using your goats’ natural cravings for salt and other minerals to administer fly repellant, is an extremely convenient method of fly control. Instead of coercing reluctant animals, you can simply serve up a delicious spread of natural garlic mineral salt, and let the goats do the work. 10 Fine with Garlic does not taint the flavor of milk.

Treating Mastitis

Udder Mud is a soothing paste made from natural montmorillonite clay and a unique blend of organic essential oils. These powerful and all-natural ingredients fight both the symptoms and the cause of mastitis.

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"I live in Ohio where we tend to see mineral deficiencies, especially copper and manganese. This (Goat Mineral) was recommended by another owner and I am so glad I tried it. I now have to fill my mineral feeder up every single day. My goat who gets obvious outward signs of mineral deficiency, looks fantastic now with a shiny dark coat, when before she was getting patches of pale frizzy hair & split tail. Worth every penny!"