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Regulate rumen function

Redmond Goat Mineral

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Full spectrum of sea minerals from our ancient deposit in Utah

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Safe copper levels balanced with other minerals that work together to help regulate healthy copper absorption

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No fillers, processed grain byproducts, or sweeteners your goats don't need

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Vitamins A, D, + E fortified

We Understand the Challenges of Goat Farmers

Copper deficiency
Copper is a common deficiency among goats causing bleached or rough coats, anemia, diarrhea, and weight loss. Redmond Goat Mineral is fortified with extra copper that is likely deficient in their feed and forage.
Mom/kid deficiency - white muscle disease
White muscle disease is caused by a deficiency in selenium and vitamin E. Redmond Goat Mineral supplies your goats with extra selenium and vitamin E that may be missing from their feed and forage. Kids and does are especially vulnerable to white muscle disease and extra supplementation is needed for a safe and healthy kidding season.
Healthy coat
Coat problems like bleaching (loss of pigment), dull or rough coat, and coat loss are often a sign of mineral deficiencies. Redmond Goat Mineral is fortified with additional copper and zinc, both of which support healthy coat growth.
Overall health = resistant to illness
Redmond Goat Mineral contains naturally occurring antioxidants (like selenium) to support immune health. Redmond Conditioner balances rumen pH and binds toxins allowing the rumen to absorb more nutrients and prevent diseases in the rumen.

What people think about Redmond Goat Mineral

“Goats love it... My girls were starting to show a little deficiency with dull coats. I added this stuff free choice along with kelp and baking soda and they are already showing signs of recovery.”
Todd L.

“The buck was rubbing his hair. I started him on this supplement and he quit rubbing and within a week the hair started growing back. A month later, he looks really good.”

“This stuff is really amazing! The quality is incredible, it smells good, and the goats love it. Highly recommend!”

“These minerals are better than any others on the market. When I show my goats, others ask me what I feed, because my goats look so healthy, and their coats shine.”
Roy Y.

“I'm sticking with Redmond from now on. They all love it so much they literally lick the remains of it in their troughs!! Absolutely worth the price and zero waste!”
Nancy E.

“Been using this for years, simply the best goat mineral around.”
Mike in Wisconsin

“Recommended to me by other goat owners, this is the first mineral supplement that all my goats will eat.”
R. Smith

“These minerals are the best. Tried to get my goats to eat many different brands. This is the only minerals they will touch. Thanks for a great product!!!!”
Jason Wicker

“I have one goat every spring that loses all of his fur, especially on his legs. He was born immune compromised and just a weakling. This has helped him not lose his fur and looks so much healthier.”
David Payne

“There is goat mineral and there is GOAT mineral. Redmond is the best. I used to use Purina because that’s all I could find—my goats didn’t really go after it. I found Redmond and everything changed. My girls love this stuff. Their coats are improving, their eyes seem brighter and milk production is up. I have this on a subscription now so I won’t run out.”
Vicki Doddridge

“My goats were already on a loose mineral product (not Redmond) and often left it untouched for long periods of time. I got the Redmond rock on a rope for each of my herds (dairy goats in small groups according to their lactation status) and without exception every single goat devoured the rock, licking little divots in it with extreme pleasure. They clearly preferred this product over what they were already offered. I was truly amazed at how well every single one was so enthusiastic about it, especially since I thought I was already providing for all their nutritional needs. Clearly the rock contains something they were craving. On here this morning doing a reorder. I never want to run out.”
Marci Linn

“Fantastic product. My goats love rock on a rope. I can't keep them in stock. Absolutely no waste.”
Kim Bates

“Love this product. All the other 'goat salts' on the market have extra ingredients. The Redmond salts are just salts, pure and simple. Our goats love them too!”
Keri M

“Amazing. We’ve had mineral blocks from the feed store and they fall apart and a lot goes to waste so I'm grateful for the design. Being able to just hang the rock on the gate has been wonderful. All the goats were eager to get to it and my goat who was getting bald spots has full shiny hair now. Thank you!”

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Sea minerals + pest prevention

We do not recommend adding 10 fine with Garlic to Sheep mineral, use either-or.


For year round mineral needs


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Add Conditioner

Always pair your minerals with Redmond Conditioner


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Sheep Mineral Feed Rates



.25 oz (2 tsp) per head per day or free choice.

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