Minerals for cattle improve fertility, immunity, weight gain, and milk production. As a farmer, you already have enough work to do. Support your cattle’s health today and tomorrow with natural and effective products that get you back to what you love about your animals.

Geography, genetics, season, farm size, and more cause fluctuations in the nutritional needs of cattle. Because animals instinctively crave and regulate their salt intake, salt is an effective and natural way to offer beneficial minerals. When presented with a choice between a low-salt/heavy mineral supplement and Redmond mineral salt, animals choose our products every time!


better performance


cattle love Redmond Minerals


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Your Mineral Program

Starting a mineral program should make your life easier, not harder. So, let us simplify the supplement process. These are Redmond’s three foundational cattle mineral products for improved herd health. All contain our full-spectrum of sea minerals.

foundational mineral

for herds with access to good forage and feed year round

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10 Fine - Premium Mineral Salt


need more selenium?

fortified with additional selenium to help herds that live in deficient areas

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Selenium 90 - 5lb


extra nutritional support

for cattle on forage and feed with poorer nutrient density + vitamins a, d, e

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Beef Mineral - 5lb


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Redmond 10 Fine with Garlic is formulated to help control biting insects

Using your cattle’s natural cravings for salt and other minerals to administer fly repellant, is an extremely convenient method of fly control. Instead of coercing reluctant animals, you can simply serve up a delicious spread of natural garlic mineral salt, and let the cattle do the work. 10 Fine with Garlic does not taint the flavor of milk or meat.

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immunity support from day one

treat scours, replenish electrolytes, and increase immunity in new calves

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First Month® - Immune Stimulator


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"I had been losing almost every calf within three days of life. My Redmond rep got me a small pouch of Redmond First Month DFM. I started feeding it in the colostrum. My next two heifer calves are doing great. I will not raise calves without this product.”


Treating Mastitis

Udder Mud is a soothing paste made from natural montmorillonite clay and a unique blend of organic essential oils. These powerful and all-natural ingredients fight both the symptoms and the cause of mastitis.

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"In just a manner of days I have been able to see a noticeable change in the amount of insects around the livestock. It is doing as promised. Very happy with their product."