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Sheep have narrower tolerances for certain minerals. Copper is an essential mineral that sheep need for bone formation, wool growth, immune health, healthy nerve function, red blood cell formation, and more. However, their bodies process copper differently than other livestock species.

We know farmers are concerned about copper and their flock; however, sheep absolutely need copper to survive, just not as much as other animals. In ruminants, like sheep, Redmond Minerals help your sheep better absorb molybdenum (important for processing copper) while also providing them with zinc, sulfur and iron to interact with their copper intake. Support the health of your flock with Redmond.


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We believe in simplicity. We want that simplicity to carry over to your farm. These are three of Redmond’s foundational sheep mineral products. All contain our full-spectrum of sea minerals and will improve the health of your flock.

foundational mineral

for flocks with access to good forage and feed year round

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10 Fine


need more selenium?

additional selenium supports immunity and reproduction

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Selenium 90


support rumen health

balance pH and support healthy rumen microbiota

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Conditioner Not available online (yet!)

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Redmond 10 Fine with Garlic is a natural way to control pests that plague sheep

The most common and abundant external parasite of sheep is the sheep ked or sheep tick. Other bothersome pests include lice, scab mites, sheep nose bot flies, fleece worms, stable flies, and house flies.Using your sheep’s natural cravings for salt and other minerals to administer fly repellant is an extremely convenient method of fly control. When your animals feel good, you feel good, too.

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“Redmond products have really been a blessing. I use Redmond #10 Fine because we used to have lots of trouble with the toxicity and fevers that come during Fescue season. When we add 10 Fine into our ration, these problems never come.”