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Dye + additive


Easy cleanup, won’t stain carpet or concrete

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better for


Fewer chlorides + soil enriching minerals

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More melting power than white salt

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safer for

kids + pets

All natural mineral salt

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OMRI Listed® Organic Ice melt

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Natural gradation improves traction

melt 3.5 times more ice

Independent lab testing has shown that Redmond's Nature's Blend melts up to 3.5 times more ice than white salt in the first 10 minutes.

nature’s ice melting solution


There are 60+ naturally occurring trace minerals in Redmond's Nature's Blend which give it the signature reddish color that eliminates the need for any added dyes. The minerals also act as a beneficial buffer for not only your concrete and your landscaping, but for you, your children, and your pets.

Because Redmond's Nature's Blend is naturally more concentrated than white salt, it melts more with less! That means you will need a lot less product to get the job done.

Purchasing the right residential snow and ice melt alleviates a lot of winter worries and restores winter fun! Redmond's Nature’s Blend packs the punch of a high-performance road deicer and boasts natural benefits that make it safe to use at home with your children and pets.

highway performance deicer

Redmond's Nature's Blend is pure, unprocessed, ancient sea minerals mined from the exact same Jurassic Era mineral salt deposit as our delicious food grade Redmond Real Salt. Our harvested salt is sifted to separate fine and course granules, so your dinner table can enjoy a shake of delicate mineral salt and your driveway can benefit from long lasting, coarse grains that reduce slips and falls.