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Redmond Rock Crushed (25lbs.)

Redmond Rock Crushed (25lbs.)

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Benefits of Redmond Rock


Guaranteed Analysis - Major Minerals: Salt 91%, Calcium .35%, Phosphorus .002% Magnesium .06%, Potassium .03%, Selenium .23% Minor Minerals: Iodine 10 ppm, Iron 300 ppm, Copper 3 ppm, Zinc 1 ppm Ingredients: Unrefined mineral salt

Instructions for use

Top dress 1-2 ounces (1 oz scoop is included) per day, depending on how active your horse is or provide free choice. Provide fresh water at all times.

How long does this 25 lb bucket last?

If your horse has an average level of activity, the recommended 1 ounce per day feeding rate would stretch your 25 lb bucket of Redmond Rock Crushed out about a year.

How does it work?

Equine health issues often begin with mineral deficiencies and dehydration. Redmond Rock is a perfect hydration trigger and provides the minerals and elements your horse needs to stay healthy. Redmond Rock Crushed makes it easy to vary the amount of salt and minerals your horse receives based on diet and activity levels.

Nature’s Essential Minerals

Redmond Rock Crushed brand natural equine minerals provide a perfect blend of essential trace minerals and electrolytes your horse needs to live a more healthy, balanced life.

Most horses are deficient in minerals. Today, even natural feeds lack nutrients. Redmond Rock Crushed plays an important role in providing the essential trace minerals missing from many natural forages.

Created by nature, Redmond Rock Crushed is natural mineral sea salt harvested from deep within the earth in Southern Utah. Redmond Rock contains more than 60 trace minerals.

Customer reviews

Photo: Becky Pearman

 “Our horses benefit and perform at their peak on Redmond products. We ask a lot of our horses, so we give them the best. It doesn't get better than Redmond.” --Jeremy and Heather Reynolds. International Endurance Competitors

“I am happy to report that my herd is eating it and seem more content with Redmond Rock Crushed salt than the plain salts blocks they had previously. They were chewing on the salt blocks as licking them was not providing the quantity of salt they needed. With Redmond Rock crushed salt they can easily obtain the needed amount.” -Kim S.

“Love this product! Have been using for about 6 months, during the difficult winter season. Redmond Rock Crushed has helped keep all 7 of my ponies drinking and well hydrated through the deepest cold – when they’re least likely to drink well. So glad I found this excellent product in time for the heat and humidity of summer – up next!” -Sallie W.

“I’m very happy with Redmond Rock Crushed equine minerals. My horse never liked or licked salt blocks, so the convenience of top coating her feed and the peace of mind knowing she is getting everything she needs through this natural product is priceless. Also, it is a great value. I’m so glad I ordered it!” -Natalie R.