Large Redmond Rock on a Rope

Large Redmond Rock on a Rope

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Lasts more than twice as long as our regular Rock on a Rope.

Equine health issues often begin with mineral deficiencies and dehydration. Redmond salt licks are packed with natural trace minerals and equine electrolytes that hydrate horses and bring them back into healthy balance. Nourish your horses and help them thrive with Redmond Rock.

• All-Natural Minerals. Improve horse health with 60+ essential trace minerals naturally found in Redmond Rock.

• Improve Hydration. Horses need salt and electrolytes to avoid dehydration. Replenish both with Redmond Rock and help your horse drink more.

• Preferred by Horses. Give your horse the natural salt lick he wants! Eight out of ten horses choose Redmond Rock over other mineral blocks.

• Mined in America. 100% of Redmond Rock sea salt is mined in the USA. Your purchase supports American jobs and the American economy.

• Lasts Longer. Our rock holds up better in wet weather, which means your horse gets more licks and you save more money.

Guaranteed Analysis - Salt 91% - 96%, Calcium .35% min, Phosphorous .002% min, magnesium .06% min, Potassium .03% min, Sulphur .07% min, Copper 10 ppm min, Zinc 1 ppm min Ingredients: Unrefined mineral salt

Feeding Instructions
Include Redmond Rock as a free-choice mineral supplement in your horse’s pasture or stall. Always provide your horse access to fresh water.