DIY Soil Testing Made Easy

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Redmond’s Soil Test Kit combines predictive soil testing technologies with an easy-to-use at-home kit. These test results help you understand how to improve soil and plant health, while effortlessly guiding sustainable practices. We want you to perfect your soil to grow the healthiest plants possible.

soil kit


  • Sample jar, nutrient adsorbing capsule, and DI water
  • Soil scoop (designed to deliver the right amount of soil)
  • Simple to follow instructions
  • Prepaid return mailing envelope
  • Professional guidance on taking your sample

What to

  • Digital results within 10 days
  • Custom recommendations to help your plants thrive
  • Easy-to-shop products that match recommendations
soil kit

Great for organic gardening, trees, composting, ornamental landscaping, soilless media, lawn + turf

“My family has gardened the same spot for 40+ years. We amend with manure and compost. I really believed we were doing the best we could to support our soil with organic amendments. Little did I know, our soil needs more support. This simple test really opened my eyes. I feel empowered because I have the information I need to truly improve our soil.”