Easy to Feed + Animals Love It!

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reduce pests to increase growth

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natural alternative to chemical treatments

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pest prevention + minerals animals crave

Preventing health problems is always better than treating health problems, especially in a herd of animals that can’t tell you how they are feeling. Swarms of flies and other biting pests, are more than just an annoyance. They are very detrimental to animal health and production levels.

10 Fine with Garlic is a delicious natural alternative to other pest repellants that really works!

Why We Love It

  • 12 times more potent than garlic powder
  • Consistent levels of bioactive garlic compounds
  • Full sprectrum of sea minerals your livestock need
  • Longer shelf life than other garlic supplements
  • Offer free choice year round or mixed with feed rations
  • Keeps flies and other biting pests away from your cattle

What to

  • Fewer pests in 2-3 weeks
  • No garlic flavor in milk or meat
  • Happy, healthy animals
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Great for cattle, sheep, + goats.

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Great product. Our cows love the garlic salt. I’ll sign up for auto ship now that I know it works and the cows enjoy it.”